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Lifetime domains promoted to full status

January 16, 2012

dotPH has upgraded all lifetime domains to full functionality. This means that lifetime domain owners can now enjoy the ff. benefits previously available only to regular domains:

Ease of use -- domains can now be managed 24/7 using the Domain Console.
Speed -- changes to the domain are reflected instantly.
Zero red tape -- no need to submit forms every time the domain is modified.
Lower cost -- no need to pay the P1,350.00 fee every time you modify the domain.

Lifetime domains that have been converted in this manner will not be subject to renewal fees for the next twenty years, so their owners can enjoy full use of their PH domains at no cost until 2032.

If you are a lifetime domain owner and have questions about the upgrade, please email our Helpdesk at or call 637-2104 to 05.

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