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March 21, 2012

All good things must come to an end.

It's been a fun ride, but we will be closing the blogging service on May 21, 2012. Maintaining it as a free service has become unsustainable and we are unable to devote the resources necessary to keep it going.

Users will have 2 months to transfer their content to another blog, because on May 21 all blogs and files will be deleted from our servers. Within the next couple of weeks, we will provide a way of transferring blog posts easily. In the meantime, we will lock the blogs so that no additional content can be put on them. This will make things easier for you when you move your posts out.

Users can keep using their domain even after the blogging service has shut down, it will be available as a low-cost personal domain for individual, non-commercial use.

The personal domain will be fully-functional and will work just like any other. You can use it for your own website and as an email address. It will even come with free mail forwarding so you can use it as an address and still receive mail through your Gmail or Yahoo Mail account. The only restriction is that it cannot be used by companies/organizations or for selling goods, products and services. domains will be priced at $14.00 for a 2-year registration.

We thank you for your continued support of the blogging service through the years.

If you have any questions, please email our Helpdesk at

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