dotPH News Logo sells for $5,000.00

November 18, 2011

PH names steadily increasing in value

The domain name recently sold for $5,000.00 in a private sale brokered by dotPH, the Philippine Domain Registry.

The sale even made a splash internationally., the domain industry news source, ranked it #13 on the list of highest country-code domain sales for that period. It beat out other domains from Germany, the US, China and the UK.

Inquiries about how to acquire a domain name have increased significantly, though not all sales are handled by dotPH. But more domain names are being transferred from one owner to another, indicating that money changes hands in these transactions too.

"There is a lot more activity in the market for PH domain names," said Emil Avancena of dotPH. "Right now there are still some really good domain names available for registration, but it won't be too long before they're all snapped up."

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